3 Ways to Monetize with Lipsense

how to monetize your blog

I want to talk to you real quick about a new way to monetize your blog, can you bear with me? I promise it's worth it. 

I recently went to a convention and heard story after story of real life bloggers who were making six figures by utilizing a true, no-nonsense, way of monetizing their blogs. Now, don't get me wrong, I think the standard monetization ways are great but I think they could be even better. I think you deserve better than the percentages you're receiving.

Day after day, I see you on instagram working as hard as you can to stay ahead of the game. I see those amazing blog posts and youtube videos you're struggling to gain traction with...all for clicks and views. Is that you?

What if I told you there was a way to take advantage of what you had now and make a true living off of it? And no, you don't need 100,203 followers to do that. You won't need 427,428 unique page views or 1,000,329 youtube subscribers. Heck, some of the most influential distributors have less than 1,000 Instagram followers. I mean, these days it's truly not about the numbers but about the content & the engagement you have. Truth? You just need passion.

When you write your content calendars and plan your blog posts, are you hoping a PR company will send you product to blog about? The most influential blogs are built on that strategy and that's how they make a profit. If they spent their profit purchasing new outfits all the time, for every blog post, there would be no ROI...right?

That's where Lipsense comes in. I think a lot of people see the name and think "oh no..another gimmick." Let me tell you, that could not be farther from the truth. Those "gimmicks" we're all familiar with are gimmicks because they never worked. Lipsense is the only lip color that actually stands by it's promises. And Senegence, the founder of Lipsense, has an entire skincare and makeup line dedicated to that same all natural, 100% guaranteed promise. So no, it's not just lip color, but an entire beauty line.

By sharing your favorite makeup & skincare routines that actually work you're not only gaining a fail-proof consistent content idea that you can chat about all the time, you'll also be able to do one of two things: sell that product and earn commission or sign up another team member underneath you and start earning commission through them.

So, you're a blogger....I bet you know hundreds of bloggers you could be sharing your new venture with, right? What if you signed up just two? Then they signed up ten? The earning potential could be astounding.

1. By sharing the product in youtube videos! Whether you're a makeup blogger, an avid youtuber, or a fashion blogger wanting to video the latest haul - you could be missing out on serious cash by not taking advantage of this media giant. Youtube houses some of the best content out there and if your readers want tutorials - there is no better place than the 'tube. It's also a great way to prove how good Lipsense works. By having Senegence products on hand, you've always got something to post about!

2. By advertising on your own sidebar with your affiliate link and in all of your posts. Think about it: You always need new content, right? How amazing would it feel if you always had a new beauty product on-hand to wear in your photos? And, if you're a style blogger, people probably always want to know what lip color you're wearing on social media and in the comment section of your blog. This is such an easy and effortless way to A: have more content and B: easily share your love of Lipsense. Hello makeup tutorials!

3. Instagram stories, Facebook Live, Instagram stories, Facebook Live, Instagram stories. And I'm not asking you to use sleezy sales tactics because I am not about that. I'm simply asking you to share your makeup routine in an Instagram Live Story or chat about your favorite lip color you're currently wearing in a Facebook live. Do a round up of your favorites, show swatches on your hand, & demonstrate how they actually do stay on for up to 18 hours. Host scheduled live viewings of you testing the newest Senegence products. 

It's only $55 to begin. Crazy right? For $55 you get a color, a remover, and a gloss and you're well on your way to growing your blog by leaps & bounds. 

So, is Lipsense for you? I surely hope so! If you'd like to hear more or have any questions (no pressure), feel free to contact me below & let's get this conversation started because I want you to be successful. 

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